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Imega Capsule
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Information about Imega Capsule

Imega Capsule is a nutritional supplement. It consist of accurate composition of Omega-3 fatty acid, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Grape seed extract, and Astaxanthin. These are the essential anti-oxidants required for various body functions. Imega capsules have high grade of raw material.

Omega -3 fatty acid reduces inflammation throughout the body. it maintains the fluidity of your cell membranes. Lowers the mount of lipids in the body like cholesterol and triglycerides. Also reduces acute drry eye syndrome symptoms and also useful to glaucoma patients.
Lutein is used to prevent eye diseases liek age related macular degenration .
Zeaxanthin is used for various eye disorders Uses Overall growth of the body Good for eyes Anti-oxidants properties which is good for skin

Use under medical supervision.
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