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Hyber Biscuit

Information about Hyber Biscuit

Hyper Biscuit is an ayurvedic product that acts as a natural dietary fibre supplement and is capable of treating chronic constipation. (Constipation is a condition whereby the stools become difficult to pass, or stop moving altogether for some time).

Hyper Biscuit is formulated from the extracts of various medicinal herbs like Isabgol, Gulab Patti, Amla and Harad.

Hyper Biscuit takes care of the constipation the natural way without straining discomfort of natural urgency and restores regularity by soothing and lubricating the intestinal system while adding natural bulk to the stool. It is full of fiber. It expands in the digestive tract.
It significantly improves bowel function by removing blockages in various channels of the body, cleanses the stomach and improves digestion.It is highly effective in treating constipation and provides instant relief.

Use under medical supervision.
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