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    (1 kit in packet)
    Product Details
    Himalaya Clarina Kit is a comprehensive anti-acne therapy which contains one tube each of:
    Clarina anti-acne face wash gel-60ml
    Clarina anti-acne face mask-75ml
    Clarina anti-acne cream-30gm
    Clarina anti-acne kit offers a polyherbal anti-acne regimen, recommended for comprehensive management of acne
    Clarina Facewash is a Anti-Acne Face Wash Gel which contains Neem, Barbados Aloe and Haldi. Neem leaves and Barbados Aloe eliminate acne-causing bacteria. Haldi has strong anti-inflammatory properties, which soothe the skin gently. The herb helps to even out skin tone and color, making it an excellent ingredient in a face wash. 
    Clarina cream clears acne effectively and safely. Clarina cream contains Barbados Aloe (Ghrita-kumari), Almond (Vatada) and Indian Madder (Manjishtha). Clarina cream controls Acne, reduces bacterial infection related to Acne and accelerates the wound healing of acne-related lesions and scars.
    Clarina Anti-Acne Face Mask controls oil, cleanses pores, clears acne. It is a effective cleanser which retains hydration and reduces inflammation. It contains Barbados Aloe, Indian Willow and Turmeric.
    Use under Medical supervision.


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