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Herbiflam Capsule

Information about Herbiflam Capsule

Herbiflam Capsule is a herbal formulation indicated in pain and inflammation associated with arthritis,musculoskeletal disorders, gout, backache, sprain and as a supportive therapy in lumbar spondylosis. Herbiflam capsule helps to rebuild the body system, which is worn out due to chronic diseases.It contains Ashwagandha, Guggul, Tamra bhasma and Punarnava.

Role of Key Ingredients:
Ashwagandha produces analgesic effect in the joint and reduces pain.
Guggul provides relief from joint pains and muscular stiffness.
Punarnava is helpful to fight against joint pains and oedema.

Herbiflam Capsule shows anti inflammatory, anti stress, antioxidant and immunomodulatory effects. It helps rejuvenate the entire tissues of the body.

Direction of use:
One capsule thrice a day or as directed by physician.

Use under medical supervision
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