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Herbavate Cream

Information about Herbavate Cream

Herbavate tube consists of Calotropis Geganta (Aak),Curcuma Longa (Haldi) and Solanum Xanthocarpum (Kantakari).
Calotropis Geganta (Aak) acts as a ideal expectorant. Curcuma Longa (Haldi) is an antiseptic that helps in treating inflammation.Solanum Xanthocarpum (Kantakari) improves the absorption of nutrients in the body.
Herbavate tube contains the healing power of herbs and other antiseptics that balances the side effects of the conventional treatments without compromising the treatment. It is ideal for rough and dry skin, inflammation, itching caused by blisters,a variety of inflammatory and infectious skin conditions. It also promotes healing.
Apply the medication on the affected area and rub in a circular motion for maximum effect.

Use under medical supervision.
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