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Information about Heptawin Syrup

Heptawin Syrup is a liver tonic. It contains Cyproheptadine, Tricholine Citrate, and Sorbitol .

Cyproheptadine Hydrochloride is a serotonin and histamine antagonist with anticholinergic and sedative property. It finds clinical application in stimulating the appetite and growth. Tricholine Citrate contains three molecules of choline. Clinical interest in choline centers on its lipotropic action its utility in the treatment of fatty infiltration and cirrhosis of liver.
Sorbitol is a low calorie sweetening agent.The appetite stimulating effect of cyproheptadine is probably a consequence of serotonin antagonism. It antagonizes the satiety stimulating effects of serotonin on the satiety center. When stomach is empty, sugar level decreases sending signals to the brain activating appetite center. Choline converts fat into phospholipids like, lecithin, which is essential to biomembrane structure and its function. Tricholine citrate also increases bile flow and stimulate pancreatic enzymes. Sorbitol normalizes peristalsis and increases evacuation.

Heptawin Syrup is use in Loss of appetite, and in liver diseases

Use under medical supervision.
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