Hepax Tablet

Information about Hepax Tablet

Hepax Tablet is a hepatoprotective which contains Chitraka, Katuka, Maricha, Ardraka, Amalaki, Yavakshara, Haritaki as main active ingredients.

Role of active ingredients:
Chitraka is used as a liver tonic, as it enhances the liver metabolism.
Katuka is used for jaundice, liver infections caused by fever, allergy, and asthma.
Maricha decreases fat deposition, and has anti oxidant, anti bacterial activity.
Ardraka is used to relieve patients suffering from dyspepsia, flatulence, vomiting, spasms, colic and other stomach problems.
Amalaki rejuvenative for the liver, balance blood sugar, supports healthy reproductive system, promotes stable healthy energy levels, protector and tonic for the heart by supporting healthy cholesterol levels and integrity.
Yavakshara and Haritaki is used to protect the liver and to treat respiratory conditions, including respiratory tract infections, cough, and sore throat.

Hepax Tablet is hepatostimulant, hepatoprotective and hepatoregenerative. It has hepatoprotective activity, thus relieves jaundice, improves the functional efficiency of liver of patients, and detoxifies the liver from toxins and helps in the biochemical recovery of liver.

Directions of use:
Adult: Two tablets thrice daily
Children: One tablet thrice daily

Use under medical supervision.
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