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(15 GM gel in tube)
Product Details
Hemolok Gel contains Feracrylum as active ingredients.
Hemolok Gel improves the patient’s condition by pouring over the bleeding surface during surgical procedures. Feracrylum exerts it`s haemostatic action by forming a complex with plasma proteins like albumin; in the form of an adduct. It also has local antiseptic action.
Hemolok Gel prevents the breakdown of the fibrin clot or forms a barrier to bleeding.
It has incomparable 3 way action in wound care:
a. Antimicrobial activity – Active against both gram –ve and gram +ve bacteria, antifungal activity and decreases risk of wound infection.
b. Haemostatic action – Forms a biodegradable complex with albumin creating a barrier, stops capillary oozing in 2-3 minutes, it is non allergic with no systemic absorption.
c. Hygroscopic action – Maintains a moist environment at wound site hence faster healing and easy dressing removal. Promotes growth of healthy granulation tissue.
Use under medical supervision.


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