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Hembit Syrup

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200 ml Syrup

Information about Hembit Syrup

Hembit syrup is a Hematinic formulation which . It contains Vitamin B Complex and Protein. It required for the formation of blood cells. Deficiency in hematinics can lead to anaemia. Hembit syrup stimulates the production of red blood cells or increases the amount of haemoglobin in the blood
Role of key ingredients:-
Vitamin B Complex is an essential nutrient that converts the food into energy. It also helps the body make healthy new cells and boost good cholesterol level. It works as an antioxidant, which is necessary for transporting oxygen throughout the body. 
Protein is a nutritional supplement which helps numerous bodily functions.
Hembit syrup used in the treatment:
Nutritional deficiency Anemia
General weakness
Intense fatigue, Lethargy, Convalescence, Weakness, Lack of concentration, Confusion and Irritability.
Use under medical supervision.
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