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(120 tablets in packet)
Product Details
Hajmola is an ayurvedic digestive tablet that contains natural extracts of medicinal herbs and culinary spices like Nimbu Saar (Lemon extracts), Krishna Lavan (Black salt) and Jeera (Cummin seeds). 
Role of Key Ingredients:
Kalimirch (Black Pepper) - gastro-intestinal stimulant 
Pippali (Long Pepper) - carminative and expectorant
Sunthi satva (Ginger) - digestive and tonic
Nimbu satva (Lemon) - digestive stimulant
Jeeraka (Cummin seeds) - antispasmodic
Samudra Lavan - stimulates secretion of saliva & gastric juices
Sarkara (Sugar) - for taste, secretion of saliva & gastric juices
Krishnalavana (Black Salt) - carminative and digestive
Navsadar - helps digestive function
This tasty digestive tablet is useful in providing relief during indigestion. The combination of salts and herbs neutralises the acids and controls production of gases in the stomach. One can consume one or two tablets in case of indigestion. 
If consumed in excess, it can cause irritation in the stomach. 
Use under Medical Supervision


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