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Product Details
Granergy Powder is a high energy Protein Supplement enriched with Protein, DHA, L-carnitine, Vitamins and Minerals. Granergy Powder helps during high growth demands and speedy recovery. It has faster Dissolution in milk and hot or cold water.

Role of key ingredients:
Protein: Promotes growth, activates enzymes ensures faster recovery.
DHA:Important for fetal brain eye development.
L-Carnitine: Necessary during pregnancy as it helps to reduce Metabolic Crises.
Minerals and Vitamins: Recharges cells tissues, promotes metabolism.

Granergy Powder is recommended in:
Pregnancy lactation
Childhood growth
Old age metabolic disorders
Convalescence after chronic illness
Arthritis and fracture.

Use under medical supervision.


Content on this page was last updated on 08 March, 2017, by Dr. Varun Gupta (MD Pharmacology)