Gopo Sachet
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Information about Gopo Sachet

Gopo Sachet contains Rose hip extract. Rosehips are the berry fruits of wild briar rose (Rosa canina) and is a natural source of vitamin C. The vitamin C content of fresh rosehips is higher than that found in citrus fruits.
Rosehip is also high in folate and contains vitamins A, B3, D and E along with potentially beneficial flavonoids, carotenoids, malic acid, tannins, magnesium, zinc, copper and numerous other phytochemicals (plant chemicals) including recently characterized galactolipids (fats combined with complex sugar molecules).
Rose hip powder is anti-inflammatory yet it avoids the ulcer causing side-effects of allopathic pain killers

Gopo Sachet is recommended for managing osteoarthritis by reducing pain, damage to joint, reducing joint Inflammation & improving joint flexibility.

Use under medical supervision
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