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    Glodent Toothpaste

    (100 gm Toothpaste in tube)
    Glodent Toothpaste
    Product Details
    Glodent is a dentifrice with ingredients like Papain, Bromelian, Meswak, Neem, Fluoride and Xylitol. Glodent is an ideal toothpaste for daily use as many studies proving its efficacy in reducing plaque & improving the shades of the teeth. 
    Papain and Bromelian in Glodent hydrolyses the protein pellicle and helps to prevent plaque formation and stains. 
    Astringent and anti-bacterial properties of Neem and Meswak in Glodent help to prevent gum disease. 
    Xylitol and Fluoride in Glodent helps to prevent cavities. 
    Glodent is an ideal dentifrice for the maintenance of the teeth. Glodent is available with natural mint flavor. Glodent is free from harsh abrasive and bleaching agents. Glodent can be used regularly and for long term to maintain the glowness of teeth and healthy gums.
    Use under medical supervision.


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