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GLEEPLEX TABLET contains Ascorbic Acid,Niacinamide,Vitamin E,Calcium Pantothenate,Thiamine, Riboflavin,Pyridoxine Hydrochloride,Vitamin  A,Folic Acid (Vitamin B9),Vitamin B12,Biotin,Zinc Oxide,Copper Gluconate,Manganese Chloride,Chromium Chloride,Sodium Selenite.Vitamin C cannot be synthesized by humans; therefore, a dietary source is necessary. Vitamin C is also necessary for the incorporation of iron into ferritin. Vitamin C increases the phagocytic function of leucocytes; it possesses anti-inflammatory activity and it promotes wound healing.
· Helpful in Folate-deficient individuals.

· Prophylaxis of megaloblastic anemia in pregnancy
· Beneficial in Prophylaxis of neural tube defect in pregnancy.
· In Malabsorption syndromes.
· In the treatment of Scurvy

Use under medical supervision.


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