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Information about Gentolax Syrup

Gentolax Syrup is an oral preparation indicated for bowel movement.

Benefits of Key ingredients:
Gentolax syrup (15 mL) contains liquid paraffin 3.75 mL and magnesium hydroxide 11.25 mL. Magnesium hydroxide is also called ?Milk of Magnesia? because of its milk-like appearance. Magnesium hydroxide neutralizes stomach acid, and also functions as a laxative. The osmotic effect draws fluids from the body in to the lumen of the intestine, stimulating nerves within the colon and inducing bowel movements.
Liquid paraffin is a mineral oil, it softens the stool and helps in easy passage.

Gentolax is indicated for constipation, pain free bowel movements for patients with hernia. Also useful for age related constipation.

Directions of use:
Take 15 mL preferably in the evening.

Use under medical supervision
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