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(100 ML syrup in bottle)
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Product Details
Figolax syrup is a specially designed Stool softener for softening hard stool in Cardiac patients, pregnancy, and in immobile patients like those with paralysis or spinal fracture. 
It contains Soft Extract of Figs 2 : 1, Soft Extracts of Rhubarb and Soft Extracts of Senna. 
Figs help soften hard stool by increasing moisture content of stool.
Rhubarb eases bowel discomfort and at the same time prevents diarrhoea due  its astringent action.
Senna given with fibrous Figs eases stools  without  risk of habit formation or dependence.
Figolax Syrup is sugar free; safe even for diabetic patients.
Figolax Syrup is free from side effects of conventional Laxatives.
Directions of use:
5 - 10 ml  twice daily with luke warm water.
Use under Medical Supervision


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