Fertiply Tablet
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Information about Fertiply Tablet

Fertiply Tablet is a formulation designed with recommended the therapeutic dose of Astaxanthin (8mg), Ubidecarenone (100mg), L-Carnitine (500mg), Lycopene (2.5mg), and Zinc Ascorbate eq. to elemental Zinc (5mg) as major ingredients. Fertiply tablet is a complete blend of nutrients which help to boost up the male fertility power.   Key benefits/uses of Fertiply Tablet: -  Astaxanthin: A powerful antioxidant which has positive effects on semen parameters and male fertility by increasing sperm concentration and linear velocity, thus increasing fertilizing power  -  Coenzyme Q10: Helps generate energy in cells & increases seminal plasma and sperm cells as well as spermatozoa motility -  L- Carnitine: Shows proven benefits on sperm quality -  Lycopene: Improves sperm concentration, motility, and numbers of normal sperm forms -  Zinc: Increases sperm counts, mobility, structural abnormalities in sperm, and fertilizing capacity of sperm   Direction for use/Dosage: -  As directed by the physician   Indication: -  Male infertility   Recommendations: -  Only for adults male   Storage instruction: -  Store in a cool, dry and dark place -  Protect from direct heat, sunlight and moisture   Safety information: -  Read the label carefully before use -  Do not exceed the recommended dose
-  Keep out of reach and sight of children
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