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    Fat GO - Slimming Capsule

    (60 capsules in packet)
    Fat GO - Slimming  Capsule
    Product Details
    This medicine corrects the metabolism of the body . so that all the dhatus get proper nourishment . Make body over all healthy and disease free. Increases immunity , reduces cholesterol levels and provides energy to all the cells.
    This medicine is launched after exhaustive research by a team of experts after verification at every levels and is result oriented.

    INDICATIONS: Obesity.

    Amla - its is antioxidant , supports liver , helps in proper digestion.
    Gul banafsha - it strengthen body , reduces fatty accumulations from blood , and improves digestive fire.
    Harrar - its is tonic for intestines, natural cleanser of body, detoxifies cells.
    Baheda - it is tonic that aids in process if digestion , and supports liver also.
    Chitrakmool - it helps in burning of fat naturally, improve digestive fire.
    Kali ziri - it noramlises sugar in body, reduces fat content in body.
    Saunth - excellent digestive tonic , make metabolism faster hence aid in fat reduction.
    Anantmool - purifies blood remove all toxins of blood , increase the effect of medicine.
    Punarnava - reduces water retention in the body, liver tonic , improves digestion.
    Shilajeet - it has natural property of fat reduction, reduces water retention, reduces weight naturally.

    Direction of use: 2 Capsules twice in a day for 2-3 Months.

    SIDE EFFECT: It is 100% ayurvedic. No side-effect reported till now.


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