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Ezivac Enema Liquid

Ezivac Enema Liquid


Information about Ezivac Enema Liquid

Ezivac is an anorectal preparation which initiates defecation in 30 minutes. Ezivac enema is a 30 ml solution containing glycerin 15% w/v and sodium chloride 15% w/v.
Role of key ingredients:
Glycerin is a hyperosmotic laxative, due to its hygroscopic or osmotic effects it draws water into the intestine promoting contractions. In addition, it may also act via its local irritant effect. Sodium chloride (table salt) acts by exerting hyperosmotic pressure which increases the fluid content in the rectum and stimulating the contraction. 
Ezivac helps in easy passage of stools. The plastic container (for administering the dose) has a soft nozzle with sufficient length which facilitates easy introduction of drug into the rectum. The container is transparent, soft and is easy to squeeze. Ezivac is indicated for constipation and to avoid excessive straining during defecation in cardiac patients and in patients with hernia
Directions of use: 
Lie in left lateral position and flex both the legs at the knee and hip joints, gently insert the lubricated nozzle into the anal opening and squeeze the container till the solution is emptied into the rectum. 
Use under medical supervision
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