Exovit Drop

Information about Exovit Drop

Exovit Drop contains Elemental Iron - 150 mg, Vitamin B12 - 5 mcg, Vitamin B6 - 1 mg, and Folic Acid - 0.20 mg.

Role of key ingredients:
Elemental iron is an important element for the blood formation. It acts as a transport medium to carry oxygen to the tissues from the lungs by red blood cell haemoglobin.
Vitamin B12 helps in treating pernicious anemia. Vitamin B6 enhances digestive, immune, cardiovascular, muscular, and nervous system functions.
Folic acid is used for treating low blood levels of folate, which is a water soluble vitamin that help in proper development of the human body.

Exovit Drop is used for good health and growth of children. It cures anemia related problem in children. It is also a useful drug in case of iron deficiency.

Directions of use: Take two drops of Exovit Drop two times a day after meals.

Use under medical supervision.
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