Equaph Syrup

Information about Equaph Syrup

Equa pH Syrup is a herbal pH equaliser. The right acidity level (pH) in the body is important for a well-functioning metabolism and digestion as well as for the enzyme functions and the general well-being.
Body acidity level rises particularly as a consequence of an overly heavy diet, a hectic lifestyle and lack of exercise. Also stress, smoking, consumption of alcohol and advancing age can cause the acidity level to rise.

Equa pH Syrup contains natural ingredients such as Gulvel, Kadunimb, Kadachira, Nagarmotha , Sunthi, Harada, Amalaki, Kutaki ,Pitta Papada, Jeshthamadh and Patol Patra.

Key Benefits:
Reduces body acidity.
Removes acid metabolites from body.
Regulates body acid-alkaline balance.
Provides a lighter and more energetic feeling.
Stimulates metabolism.
Expels toxic waste from body.

Dosage: Use as directed by physician.

Use under medical supervision.
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