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Econorm 250mg Powder

Econorm 250mg Powder

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Information about Econorm 250mg Powder

Econorm Powder contains Saccharomyces boulardii (250mg) as a major ingredient.
- Any ailment such as diarrhoea during the early growth stages of the child is troublesome for the child and a big distress for parents.
- Diarrhea is non-serious if treated at the onset. Excess water loss in diarrhoea could be serious.
- Keeping Econorm handy at home and during travel helps in early and natural recovery. Thus minimizes the excess and heavy cost of diapers and gives a health benefit for the child.
- Econorm is available in small size sachets, simple and easy to carry in diaper bags, purse, pockets even in a fathers wallet.
Key benefits/uses of Econorm Powder:
- Econorm has millions of good microbes that strengthen the immunity and helps to prevent diarrhoea for the next two months.
- During summer infants, toddlers often suffer from frequent diarrhoea. Econorm during this period is extremely helpful to keep them guarded by increasing immunity. 
- Has millions of live microbes essential for digestion, metabolism and building immunity in children.
- Can be used in breastfeeding infants to cure acute and chronic diarrhoea in children.
- Helps to reduce diarrhoea right from the 2nd day and helps to prevent diarrhoea for 2 months.
- Has a yummy tutti-fruity flavour liked by kids
Direction for use/Dosage:
- Children between the age of 0-14 years should consume 2 sachets for 5 days.  
- Needs to be given two sachets of Econorm for 5 days
- Can be given directly by opening the sachet and by mixing in liquids and solids food
- Should not be heated/cooled after or before adding, to be consumed at normal room temperature
For the treatment of diarrhoea in children
Safety information:
Avoid cooling/heating Econorm after or before adding to food. Add it only when the food item is at room temperature.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q What is Econorm?
Econorm is a powder probiotic (S Boulardii CNCM I745). It restores the intestinal microbe balance in case of an intestinal disorder. Econorm is used in the prevention and treatment of diarrhoea.
Q. Can I use Econorm for diarrhoea?
Yes, you can use Econorm for diarrhoea. During diarrhoea, the balance of healthy microbes in the child’s gut gets disturbed. This leads to increase in harmful microbes resulting in diarrhoea. Econorm has millions of healthy microbes to balances the proportion of lost microbes and to reduce diarrhoea from 2nd day.
Q Is Econorm a probiotic?
Yes, Econorm is a probiotic, which contains healthy microbe as Saccharomyces Boulardii CNCM I745. It helps to restore the intestinal microbe balance in case of diarrhoea. Econorm is used in the prevention as well as treatment of diarrhoea.
Q Is Econorm effective?
Yes, Econorm is effectively used for diarrhoea, 2 sachets for 5 days in children between (0-14) years of age. 
Econorm reduces diarrhoea from the 2nd Day and prevents diarrhoea for 2 months.
Q. What are the side effects of Econorm?
There are no reported side effects of Econorm, discontinue its use if you experience any unwanted symptoms immediately after its usage. 
Q. What is the age group of people in which Econorm is used?
Econorm sachet should be taken by children from the age group 0-14 years of age.
Q. Where is Econorm available?
Econorm is available at a chemist near you and on all leading online pharmacy portals.
Q. What is age required to take Econorm?
Econorm sachets can be given to Kids of all age right from birth. Econorm can also be used in breastfeeding infants to cure diarrhoea in children.
Q. Does Econorm help to increase weight gain?
Econorm helps to increase weight gain lost during diarrhoea and should not be used as weight gain supplement.
Q. How to administer Econorm?
Econorm can be used directly by opening the sachet or mixing with any liquid and food of your kid’s choice. Econorm should be given 2 sachets for 5 days will give results that will stay.
Q. What is the dosage of Econorm?
Econorm should be given 2 sachets for 5 days. Econorm can be used directly by opening the sachet or mixing with any liquid and food of your kid’s choice.
Q. Is Econorm a vitamin/supplement?
Econorm is a probiotic used to treat or prevent diarrhoea.

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