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Eazmov Plus Capsule

Information about Eazmov Plus Capsule

Eazmov Plus Capsule is a herbal preparation that helps to control degenerative process while providing relief from pain and inflammation in arthritic conditions without causing gastric ulceration and any disturbance in hepatic, renal and cardiac functions. It also enhances bio-synthesis of components of cartilage matrix, help in repair, maintenance and growth of cartilage and prevent degeneration of chondrocytes and articular cartilage.
It helps to improve the quality and content of hyaluronic acid in all layers of synovial membrane and cartilage with improvement in mucin clot quality and prevents the excessive calcification of cartilage and improves proliferation of blood vessels through the thinned calcified layer.

Thus Eazmov Plus modifies the disease process and facilitates the regeneration and quick healing of synovial membrane and articular cartilage by improving their nutrition and blood supply to quickly restore joint mobility.
EazMov Plus is recommended in o steoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, non-specific arthritis and Low back pain and cervical spondylosis and ankylosing spondylitis.

Directions for Use:
1 Capsule, 2-3 times daily, after meals.

Use under medical supervision.
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