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Diax Capsule

Information about Diax Capsule

Diax Capsule is an Antioxidant preparation with Alpha lipoic acid, Pyridoxine, Thiamine, Beta-carotene, Elemental chromium, Elemental zinc, and Methylcobalamin.
Alpha lipoic acid and beta carotene increases the capacity of body to fight against free radicals and acts as an antioxidant.
Methylcobalamin is necessary for producing red blood cells, support energy production, protect DNA and help in fast growth of body.
Chromium picolinate plays an important role in insulin regulation of blood glucose.
Diax Capsule is used in the indication:
•    Prevents from heart problems
•    As an adjuvant in diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases
•    Convalescence
•    General debility
•    Pyridoxine responsive anemia
•    Homocystinuria
Directions for use: One to two Capsules daily.

Use under medical supervision.
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