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Information about Dia Dip Tea Powder

Dia Dip tea is a perfect combination of selected herbs of Nature- Gymnema Sylvestre and Camellia synesis. Dia Dip Tea is an anti-diabetic herbal medicine which acts to control diabetes and other metabolic disturbances. When taken by diabetics regularly, it lowers the need for insulin injections and allopathic oral hypoglycemic agents. It serves to control blood sugar levels as well prevent subsequent complications in ill controlled cases.
The active ingredients act to reduce sugar absorption from the gut and also increase the insulin secretion from the pancreas. It promotes beta cells of pancreas and also act as insulin secretagouge. It lowers blood glucose level and also reduces glucosuria.
Besides the healthy effect on diabetics, it can be used by anyone. It is a depurative and diuretic tea. It stimulates the biliary secretion of liver and the blood circulation at the extremities.

Directions of use:-
One teaspoon of Dia-tea taken one hour after any meal acts as a remedy for sugar. The intake could be increased to two cups a day depending on the level of your blood sugar.
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