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Cyclon Junior Syrup

Cyclon Junior Syrup

30 ml Syrup

Information about Cyclon Junior Syrup

Cyclon Junior syrup is used in the treatment of abdominal discomfort and flatulance. Cyclon Junior syrup contains Simethicone, Dil oil and Fennel oil.

Role of key ingredients:
Simethicone is an anti-flatulent, which helps in reducing bloating, discomfort or pain caused by excessive gas. A popular pickling herb which has mild antibacterial properties. It improves digestion by breaking complex food material into simple forms. It fights flatulence by breaking down gas bubbles. It eases Colic pain by relaxing smooth muscles. The essential oil of fennel is obtained through the steam distillation of crushed fennel seeds, an herb which bears the scientific name of Foeniculum Vulgare.
Dill oil helps ease gas bubbles in the stomach. Dill oil is used to treat water retention and indigestion. It does this by targeting air bubbles stuck in the stomach, thus improving the flow in the stomach
Fennel oil helps to relax the colon to release trapped gas and decrease respiratory tract secretions.

Cyclon Junior syrup is recommended in infantile colic, griping pain, flatulence, hiccups, and colic pain.

Use under medical supervision.
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