Curclear Syrup
60 ml Syrup

Information about Curclear Syrup

Curclear Syrup is a water soluble Curcumin syrup. It contains Sucralose which is a non-nutritive sweetener, suitable for diabetic patients also. It is an orange flavored syrup. Being water soluble syrup it gets absorbed quickly compared to regular curcumin supplements (capsules & tablets)
Key benefits of Curclear Syrup:
Powerful anti-inflammatory.
Curcumin act as a potent antioxidant
Potent anti-arthritic property (supports healthy joints).
Helps for prevention and amelioration of diabetes.
Supports heart health & lower risk of heart diseases.
Support liver health & soothes Bowel Syndromes.
Helps as add-on therapy for treatment of bronchial asthma & allergic rhinitis.
Fight cancer & boosts overall body immunity.
Direction for use:
Consume 1 ml two times a day. Add 1 ml in a glass of cold water, mix well and drink.
Safety information:
Keep out of the reach and sight of the children. 
Use under medical supervision.
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