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Cold Cream Ultra Rich Soap
Product Details
Cold Cream Ultra-Rich Cleansing Bar is an extremely gentle, ultra-rich cleansing bar perfectly suited to the needs of dry skin. Emulsifies with water to produce a milky, low foaming cleanser that deeply nourishes skin. 
Avène's unique Cold Cream formula offers intense hydration, leaving a film on skin to seal-in moisture and protect against external aggressors. The creamy, non-stripping bar maintains skin's pH balance making it suitable for the entire family.
Benefits of Cold Cream Ultra-Rich Cleansing Bar:
Creamy and moisturizing Cold Cream formula nourishes and softens
Leaves a gentle protective film
Maintains skin's natural pH balance
Suitable for infants, children, and adults
Cold Cream Ultra-Rich Cleansing Bar is beneficial for very dry skin and Skin overstressed by cleansing products.
Directions for use:
Lather with water and apply to moistened skin. Rinse and pat dry.
Use under medical supervision
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