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Clot RF Tablet
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Information about Clot RF Tablet

Clot RF Tablet contains Rutin - 100 mg, Calcium Ascorbate - 242 mg, Adrenochrome Monosemicarbazone - 1 mg, and Dibasic Calcium Phosphate - 120 mg.
Clot RF Tablet is used to treat blood vessel injury and stop bleeding.

Role of key ingredients:
Rutin helps to strengthen blood vessels. It is used to stop internal bleeding.
Calcium ascorbate is a form of vitamin C that helps to maintain the health of blood vessels.
Adrenochrome monosemicarbazone is a haemostatic agent that works by reducing capillary fragility and prevents bleeding from microvasculature.
Dibasic calcium phosphate helps to prevent and treat low levels of calcium in the blood.
Calcium is required for the proper functioning of the blood clotting process.

Directions of use:
Take Clot RF Tablet orally.

Use under medical supervision.
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