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Cinred Plus Capsule

Cinred Plus Capsule

10 capsules

Information about Cinred Plus Capsule

Cinred Plus Capsule is an Antioxidant contains Omega 3 fatty acid, L-lysine, Ferric ammonium citrate, Folic acid, and Cyanocobalamin.
Ferric ammonium citrate(Iron) transports oxygen throughout the body and maintains red blood cells, thus making an individual feel energetic and preventing anemia. Sodium feredetate claimed to have less gastrointestinal irritation, unlike other iron.
Folic acid is essential to numerous bodily functions ranging from nucleotide biosynthesis to the remethylation of homocysteine. It is especially important during periods of rapid cell division and growth. Both children and adults require folic acid to produce healthy red blood cells and prevent anemia.
Vitamin B12(Cyanocobalamin) is important during pregnancy. Vitamin B12 promotes the initiation and maturation of blood cells supporting the pregnancy.
Cinred Plus Capsule is used as nutritional supplement in indications:
•    Folate-deficiency
•    Megaloblastic anemia
•    Prophylaxis of megaloblastic anemia in pregnancy
•    Prophylaxis of neural tube defect in pregnancy
•    Malabsorption syndromes
Use under medical supervision.
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