Catpad Pad for Dressing

Catpad Pad for Dressing


Information about Catpad Pad for Dressing

Catpad Pad is used for dressing. Catpad is prepared from IP grade Absorbent Cotton. Cotton consists of the trichomes of good quality new combers obtained from the seed coat of various species of the genus Gossypium, cleaned, purified and bleached. White, well-carded fibres of average staple length not less than 10 mm, containing not more than traces of leaf residue, seed coat and other impurities are used.

Catpad Pad offers appreciable resistance when pulled and does not shed a significant quantity of dust when shaken gently. Practically it is odourless. It is devoid of any compensatory colouring matter. Catpad belongs to the category of surgical dressing.

Use under medical supervision.
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