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Burnol Cream
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Information about Burnol Cream

The original Burns Cream is a medicine for topical skin burns. Burnol is an antiseptic, antimicrobial cream for burns that helps in the prevention and treatment of infections in burn cases. Burnol provides immediate relief in burns, prevents infection and helps in quick healing. Burnol contains Aminacrine Hydrochloride and Cetrimide. Aminacrine is an antimicrobial agent which prevents infections during the burns. Cetrimide is also a bacteristatic that kills gram positive and gram negative bacteria, thus preventing infections.
Burnol Burn Cream Benefits: 
* Heals superficial burns quickly and effectively 
* Reduces burning sensation and pain almost immediately 
* Antiseptic cream for burns that can be used on minor injuries too 
* Antimicrobial and germ control burns treatment 
Burnol Burn Cream Usage: 
In minor superficial burns, clean the wound area with cold water and apply Burnol directly or as directed by a physician or your medical practitioner. Burnol can be applied 3-4 times daily. Burnol can also be applied to sterile dressings for wounds. 
Use under Medical supervision
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