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BPL OG 4203 Oxygen Concentrator

BPL OG 4203 Oxygen Concentrator

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Information about BPL OG 4203 Oxygen Concentrator

Product information:
BPL OG 4203 Oxygen Concentrator
Shorter setup and testing time
Pressure Swing Absorption Technology
Dual Audio alarm system
Portable, user-friendly, safe, quiet & reliable
Unique water trap mechanism
Front panel access to reset switch

Salient features of BPL OG 4203 Oxygen Concentrator:
Takes very short time for setup and testing
- Dual Audio Alarm System:
The dual audio alarm system ensures attention
when needed.
- User-Friendly:
Is portable, user-friendly, safe, quiet and reliable
- Secure and Reliable:
Gas circuit is controlled by low pressure system
which ensures secured and reliable operation
- Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology:
Uses pressure swing adsorption technology, which
ensures good quality oxygen production
- Water Trap Mechanism:
Has a unique mechanism to trap penetrating
water molecules.
- Front Panel Access To Reset Switch:
The front panel has the reset switch, which makes
the process easier
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