Biovit-D Powder

Biovit-D Powder

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Information about Biovit-D Powder

Biovit D Powder is a Nutritional supplement that also cares for the problems associated with Diabetes like constipation, diabetic ulcers, joint problems diabetic neuropathy. Biovit D provides nutrition through high grade Soya Protein isolates all 8 essential Amino acids, Multivitamin, B-complex factors, Minerals and Trace elements. Biovit D is Sucrose free and low on Saturated Fats and highly palatable.

Role of key ingredients:
Retards disease progression through Isoflavones.
Decrease insulin requirements and corrects constipation with Fenugreek.
Heals Ulcer and prevents gangrene with Zinc, Chromium and Selenium. Eases joints pains with Glucosamine.
Mitigates Diabetic Neuropathy with Neurotropic Vitamins.

Biovit D Powder is recommended in diabetes, Type-I diabetes, Type-II diabetes, gestational diabetes, and CVD Aggravated.

Use under medical supervision.

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