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(3 GM powder in packet)
Product Details
Bigjoint Powder contains 1500mg of Glucosamine. This amino sugar is used to assist in the production of health lipids and proteins. It especially forms chitosan and chitin, two items that are used to protect the joints and other connective tissues. Glucosamine is especially noteworthy for helping connective tissues to stay healthy and to repair them as necessary. This also contains Calcium and Mecobalamin. Calcium helps bone structures around the joints to stay healthy while mecobalamin helps with allowing blood cells to be formed within these joints to keep them stable and less likely to suffer damages over time.
Bigjoint Powder helps in restoring bone strength, improves absorption of calcium, and allows the bones to form properly without any risks.
Directions of use: The powder can be consumed by mixing the required amount in glass of lukewarm water.

Use under medical supervision.


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