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Beurer mg-21 Infrared Massager

Beurer mg-21 Infrared Massager

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Information about Beurer mg-21 Infrared Massager

Beurer MG-21 Infrared Massager is electric infrared massager that allows giving soothing massages. Massages can be relaxing or stimulating, and are popular for the treatment of stiff or tense muscles, pains and fatigue. The device delivers powerful and intensive massages for the back. Beurer MG-21 Infrared Massager is for private use only and is not intended for medical or commercial purposes.
Features of Beurer MG-21 Infrared Massager:
Soothing and relaxing
Hand massager with vibration massage
Infrared heat massage
Depth effects through infrared heat
3 exchangeable massage attachments
2 function levels
6 watt

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