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(35 GM powder in box)
Product Details
Benocip Z Powder contains Dextrose Anhydrous, Sucrose, Zinc, and Ascorbic Acid.
Dextrose Anhydrous is a form of sugar that assists in hydrating tissues around the body. Sucrose is included to assist in regulating body blood sugar levels.
Zinc is added to support the body ability to produce healthy cells and to maintain a normal rate of cellular production.
Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C is added to improve blood cell formation.

Benocip Z Powder is formulated to improve the body immunity by assisting in producing enough antioxidants to control excess oxygen particles. Benocip Z Powder is designed to improve the body energy stores.

Use under medical supervision.


Content on this page was last updated on 08 March, 2017, by Dr. Varun Gupta (MD Pharmacology)