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    Benadon Tablet contains Pyridoxine. Pyridoxine, (Vitamin B6) , is required by your body for utilization of energy in the foods you eat, production of red blood cells, and proper functioning of nerves. It is used to treat and prevent vitamin B 6 deficiency resulting from poor diet, certain medications, and some medical conditions. Pyridoxine has been used to prevent or treat a certain nerve disorder (peripheral neuropathy) caused by certain medications (such as isoniazid). It has also been used to treat certain hereditary disorders
    Pyridoxine deficiency may be drug induced, and inadequate utilization of pyridoxine may result from certain inborn errors of metabolism. Pyridoxine deficiency may lead to sideroblastic anaemia, dermatitis, cheilosis and neurological symptoms such as peripheral neuritis and convulsions.

    Benadon is recommended for the prevention and management of vitamin B6 deficiency, treatment of sideroblastic anaemias, homocystinuria or primary hyperoxaluria and vitamin B6 dependency in infants.

    Use under medical supervision.


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