Bcap Czs Tablet
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Information about Bcap Czs Tablet

Bcap CZS Tablet contains B Factors with Chromium, Zinc and Selenium. Bcap CZS Tablet is blend of mineral and multivitamins.Multivitamins which are essential for the body part. Zinc is stored in the muscles and tissues of the body and help them work properly. Vitamins are substances that your body needs to function normally. They are natural substances required by the body to grow and develop. Vitamins are contained in food and it is said that a well-balanced diet provides all of the Vitamins required. However, there are times, like during pregnancy and childhood, during illness, your body needs more Vitamins than usual. It is here multivitamins play a Vitaminal role.

Benefits of Bcap CZS Tablet:
Acts as prophylactic agent against some diseases and satisfies all nutritional requirements and deficiencies. For proper growth and development especially for adolescents.
Improves mental and intellectual abilities through aviation of the distress caused by nervous ability.
Overcomes exhaustion and easy fatigability.
Reduces menopausal manifestations.
Maintains skin and hair integrity.
Stimulates insulin sensitivity and action
Lowers homocysteine and prevents atherosclerosis
Enhances wound repair & tissue growth
Helps in overcoming deficiencies related to Zinc,chromium, selenium
Helps overall well being of the body

Use under medical supervision.

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