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    Baidyanath Mahavatvidhvansan Ras Tablet

    (80 tablets in bottle)
    Baidyanath  Mahavatvidhvansan Ras Tablet
    Product Details
    Baidyanath Mahavatvidhvansan Ras Tablet contains heavy metals including mercury, lead, tin, iron, copper, borax, mica, and sulphur along with 13 aryuvedic ingredients such as pippali, maricha, shunthi, trikatu, amlaki, nimbu swarasa, chitrakamoola, and bhringaraja. This ayurvedic tablet treats vata disorders, pains, aches, neuralgia, abdominal bloating, and epilepsy. The tablet is also indicated for hemorrhoids, abdominal colic, and splenic disorder patients.

    The ingredients in Baidyanath Mahavatvidhvansan Ras Tablet balance vata dosha in the body and treat ailments that occur due to vata imbalance.

    Directions for Use
    Consume 125 milligrams one or two times everyday, before or after meals preferably with honey, ginger juice, ghee or castor oil for one month. Avoid self-medication, overdosage, and consumption during pregnancy, lactation, and by children.

    Use under medical supervision.


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