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    (200 ML syrup in bottle)
    Product Details
    Baidyanath Liverex Syrup is an Ayurvedic medicine that contains herbs such as Bhumamlaki, Bhringraj, Kukaki, Makoi, Sarpunkha, Kalmegh, Amaltas, Punarnava, Pitpapra, Haritkai, Revand Cheni, Kasni, Methi, Giloy, and Rohitak. These time-tested herbs have proven to be beneficial for smooth functioning of liver. These herbs combine to clean out the liver and provide it with iron.
    Baidyanath Liverex can also be used as an appetizer to improve the body overall appetite. This syrup is formulated to ease liver disorders, protect liver tissue, and is effective in treating Hepatitis B and E viral infections.

    Direction for use:
    The Liverex syrup should be consumed with two teaspoons taken twice a day. A small amount of sugar is included in this product.

    Use under medical supervision.


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