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Ayur Herbal Winter Care Lotion

Ayur Herbal Winter Care Lotion


Information about Ayur Herbal Winter Care Lotion

Ayur Herbals Winter Care Lotion contains natural extracts of wheat germ oil and cucumber. The Ayur Winter Care Lotion is useful for those suffering from dry skin caused by dry and cold weather conditions. The ingredients in Ayur Winter Care Lotion nourish and moisturize the skin to keep it soft and smooth.

Directions for Use
1. Clean the face and neck regions using warm towel, water, or a cleaning lotion.
2. Take the required amount of this ayur lotion in the palms.
3. Apply using fingertips.
4. Massage lotion using a circular action.
5. Use daily in the morning and evening. This lightweight lotion has a pleasant fragrance.

Use under medical supervision.

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