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Arthrella Tablet

Arthrella Tablet

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Information about Arthrella Tablet

Arthrella tablet is a “Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drug”. It is a blend of Suvarna Paan, Erand Tel, Shallaki Guggul Extract, Nirgundi, Shyonak, Nagarmotha, Shunthi, Shuddha Kupilu, Khurasani ajawayan 
Role of Key Ingredients:
Suvarna Paan – Immunomodulatory, anti-arthritic
Erand Tel – Exerts immunomodualtory effect, increases bone regeneration
Shallaki Guggul Extract, Nirgundi – Anti-inflammatory, analgesics
Shyonak, Nagarmotha, Shunthi – Anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory effect
Shuddha Kupilu, Khurasani ajawayan – Sedative and analgesic
Key Benefits:
Minimizes joint stiffness and swelling
Maximizes joint function
Improves quality of life
Retards joints destruction; prevents joint deformity
Can be used as monotherapy or as an adjunct to simple analgesics
Can be used as a complement to NSAIDs/Pain killers
Use under medical supervision
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