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    Apetox Kid Liquid

    (100 ml Liquid in bottle)
    Apetox Kid Liquid
    Product Details
    Apetox kid syrup is a nutraceutical preparation indicated to be used as a supplemental aid for overall growth in children.

    Benefits of Key ingredients:
    Apetox kid syrup contains choline dihydrogen citrate, lysine, niacinamide, pyridoxine, riboflavine, and thiamine.
    Apetox is a vitamin B complex and amino acid supplement intended to promote overall health. Vitamin B is essential for healthy hair, skin, liver, and eye. Amino- acids are the building blocks of proteins in the body. Lysine improves appetite and aids in overall growth of childrens.
    Apetox kid syurp is indicated for pellagra, hartnups disease, peripheral vascular disease, hypolipoproteinemia, general weakness and loss of appetite.

    Directions of use:
    Take one teaspoonful two times a day

    Use under medical supervision


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