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Information about Allovit Tablet

Allovit is a nutraceutical preparation fortified with vitamins and minerals. Allovit contains vitamins (B6, B2, B1, Niacinamide, A, B9, D3, E, and C) and minerals (copper, calcium pantothenate, selenium, manganese, chromium, and zinc).
Vitamin A is required for healthy vision, vitamin C helps in synthesis of collagen and tissue repair. The minerals in the preparation act as antioxidants and protects the cells from harmful effects of free radicals. Folic acid counteracts anemia by virtue of its effect on red blood cells.
Allovit as the name suggests is a complete vitamin supplement helpful in pregnancy and lactation. Allovit is used for megaloblastic anaemia. Allovit is also used as an adjuvant with antiepileptic therapy.

Directions of use:
Take one tablet once a day.

Use under medical supervision.
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