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Alite Face Wash

Alite Face Wash

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Information about Alite Face Wash

Alite Facewash contains Vitamin A and Alovera along with active botanicals. Vitamin A prevents breakouts and fights blemishes. The fusion of Vitamin A, Alovera, and active botanicals cleanses the pores, which stores dirt, make up, and oil. The rough and dull texture of your skin is taken care off with the help of these ingredients. Encapsulated beads of Vitamin A rinse and does not leave behind any pore clogged. 
Alite face wash is effective in fighting the acne and maintaining moisture levels. Alite Oil Control face wash is best for oily and combination skin.
Directions for use:
Moisten face with water
Take a small quantity of anti acne face wash on your palm
Apply using a gentle circular motion
Rinse well
Use under medical supervision

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