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Algesic Oil
50 ml Oil

Information about Algesic Oil

Algesic Oil is a topical product that contains mesua ferrea, strychnos nux-vomica, ceiba pentandra, curcuma longa, datura metel, myristica fragrans, hemidesmus indicus, zingiber officinale, commiphora mukul, and vitex negundo. Algesic Oil is traditionally used for the treatment of skin diseases. It cleans out harmful bacteria that can get into the skin and can especially help to treat or prevent infections all around the body. This may be applied directly onto the impacted area to keep the body from suffering from serious effects relating to infections. This may be used daily for as long as needed to ensure that the infection can be appropriately treated and relieved over time. The Algesic Oil is well-tolerated by most people who use it.

Use under medical supervision.
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