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(200 ML syrup in bottle)
Product Details
Actizyme Syrup mainly contains Diastase deriverd from aspergillus oryzae, Pepsin as active ingredients.
Fungal diastase is used as an effective digestive agent who helps in digestion of carbohydrates. Pepsin is helpful in digestion of proteins.

Actizyme syrup is used as an antacid, and anti-flatulent tablets. It also helps in the treatment of hearth burn and helps in reduction of acidity. It is used in expulsion of gases formed in the stomach after food digestion. It may also help in the treatment of sour stomach, indigestion and results in improved digestion.

It may show nausea, vomiting, headache as side effects in some patients.

Directions of use:
About one to two teaspoonfuls orally in a day are effective in expulsion of gases once a day with water.

Use under medical supervision


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