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Acistat Syrup

Information about Acistat Syrup

Acistat Syrup contains Alginic acid used in combination with antacids (such as Aluminum hydroxide, Sodium/Magnesium carbonates). 
Alginic acid (also known as Polymannuronic acid) is a natural Carbohydrate obtained from brown Algae (species of seaweed). Alginic acid forms foam like coating on esophagus and gastric contents. It thus, protects the food pipe from gastric acids in case there is a backward flow by neutralizing the acids, and thereby preventing inflammation or ulceration of esophagus.
Acistat Syrup treat Heartburn (including heartburn in pregnancy), Gastric reflux (regurgitation)/ Reflux esophagitis (inflammation of food pipe caused by flow back of digestive acids produced in stomach), and acid indigestion.
Directions for use:
Take Acistat Syrup after meals and at least 30 minutes before bedtime.
Use under medical supervision.
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