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    A-Derma Sensiphase Cream

    (40 ml Cream in bottle)
    A-Derma Sensiphase Cream
    Product Details
    Sensiphase Cream is new formulation having Rhealba oat extract, and Vitamin E for reactive skin prone to redness. Sensiphase Cream prevents, reduces and conceals redness.
    The oat extract specifically reduces the skin sensitivity and renders it to get unreactive.
    Vitamin E, the fat soluble molecule has an essential property of scavenging the free radicals and preventing the oxidative damage and nourishing the skin. The skin remains moist and healthy.

    Sensiphase Cream is used for highly sensitive and reactive skin, in case of skin irritation problems and other complications also.

    Direction for use:
    Apply in the morning. One application per day. Face and neck

    Use under medical supervision


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